Air Liquide signs an agreement with AVR for a circular economy project in the Netherlands

29/05/2018 - 06:29 PM


Air Liquide and AVR, a company specialized in waste treatment, have signed today a long-term agreement related to the recovery and reuse of CO2. Starting April 2019, AVR will capture, purify and liquefy CO2 from their waste incinerator located in Duiven, Netherlands. Air Liquide will invest in the necessary distribution and storage equipment to deliver the liquid CO2 to end-users, primarily in the greenhouse agriculture industry, contributing to local circular economy.

Air Liquide and AVR have signed today a long-term agreement related to the recovery and distribution of CO2 captured from an AVR incineration facility. A new CO2 recovery installation to be built by AVR will capture, purify and liquefy CO2 from an already existing waste incinerator at their site in Duiven, Netherlands. 

The liquid CO2 produced by AVR will be distributed by Air Liquide which will make investment associated with the transport fleet as well as the cryogenic storage and gas distribution installations for the end users, primarily in the greenhouse agriculture industry. Under the agreement, Air Liquide will provide the expertise in the liquid CO2 value chain as well as solutions for injection and atmosphere control for the greenhouse agriculture sector. 

With more than 10,000 hectares of greenhouse agriculture, the Netherlands has the largest cultivated greenhouse area in the world. Demand for liquefied CO2 for greenhouse agriculture has been growing in the context of lower energy consumption commitment from the industry*. Air Liquide and AVR have collaborated to ensure greater flexibility and higher delivery reliability. 

Lars Strandberg, Vice President Air Liquide North West Europe said"We are pleased to partner with AVR to recover liquid CO2 which will facilitate the energy transition of the agriculture greenhouse sector. This project will strengthen the liquid CO2 supply and availability for this growing market. Air Liquide contributes to sustainability through concrete solutions.” 

Yves Luca, CEO AVR said“This is a huge step for AVR and the waste management sector towards a CO2 neutral waste management system. The sustainable partnership with Air Liquide is an important basis for future growth. This is our first step; we are committed to realising the large-scale capturing and useful application of CO2 from our processes and thereby contributing to the national climate goals.” 

AVR specializes in the processing of various types of residual waste that they convert into energy and raw materials for households and businesses. Their ambition is to create a clean world in which nothing remains unused. The company employs 450 employees. 
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